Our Lovely

Tulumination Team


Sapphira is a natural intuitive healer born into a family of Traditional Chinese Medicine healers. Her purpose in this incarnation is to bridge the gap between the waking and dreaming states, as an Oneironaut or traveler of the Dreamworld.

She teaches workshops on Lucid Dream and Astral Travel, as well as Dream Interpretation and Dream Healing. She has studied a variety of modalities; but works mainly with Ayurveda, kambo and quantum biofeedback. She completed her training as a kambo practitioner after following a call to go to the Amazon. Her vision is to create self healing for all of her clients and get to the root of dis-ease within the human body. Using morphogenetic technology that combine Royal rife, the 12 dimensional matrix, tesla coils, sacred science, and base 12 frequencies to balance and restore the body to homeostasis.

This technology came to Sapphira by way of representatives of the galactic federation and it is part of her mission to expand awareness of the 12 dimensional matrix and guide people beyond 5th dimensional thinking. She has been a nomadic traveler within conscious communities worldwide; working and participating in as many transformational gatherings and festivals as possible. In between travels, she continues her passion of creating vegan food and practicing yoga while endlessly exploring the inner Self.

Erick Colibri

Carrier of the Medicine of the Hummingbird, Erick is a young man who has dedicated his life to sharing Temazcal ceremonies. His songs and joy are highly appreciated in the ceremonies he leads,. In addition, he is a channel for the Dreamspell system, a galactic genetic code based on the Mayan calendar. This system helps us activate the information registered in our DNA, with which we can remember who we truly are.

Erick Colibri is a writer of 3 books. Return to the Heart, Talking with my Mirror and Walking among Serpents, books in which he shares his vision of life and what he has learned from spending time with teachers and shamans from different cultures.